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MRI Information

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You'll feel better for calling The Waterside Suite at Weston General Hospital on 01934 427900.

Amenity Plus Accommodation

Transferring to The Waterside Suite from the NHS as Amenity Plus.

We are also able to offer our private facilities to NHS patients for a fixed price of £300 per night.

As an NHS patient, you remain under the care of your NHS team, but are able to enjoy the privacy, room facilities, catering and nursing care of Waterside.

If you are admitted to Weston General Hospital either as an NHS emergency, or are planning an elective NHS admission, you may wish to consider using the facilities Waterside offers during your stay.

Please let a member of staff know you wish to discuss this, or contact Waterside directly on 01934 427900 and we will help you arrange it.


1) Transfer to a private Amenity bed will be at the discretion of your admitting NHS consultant and only if clinical condition appropriate.

2) Patients cannot book an Amenity bed in advance of an elective admission.

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Amenity Beds (.doc)

Interim Care

Once you are considered medically safe/fit to be discharged you may wish to extend your stay in the continuing comfort and care offered here at the Waterside Suite, until such time you are ready or happy to return home or to your intended permanent care provider.

We offer this care package at a fixed price of £350 per night including a dedicated consultant to monitor your care needs.

Please note however that if your level of care increases due to necessary medical interventions i.e. tests and investigations including the medical advice or opinions of other consulting specialists, then a review of status and tariff will be considered.


are you ready for discharge? do you wish you could stay longer?

We can offer you an extended length of stay, providing security, peace of mind and reassurance, in a well equiped and visitor friendly environment. Why not take some extra time to recuperate in comfort until your ready to take that step..............at a time to suit you at your convenience!

We tailor care packages to suit individual requirements and circumstances, offering cost effective, affordable solutions meeting your specifications and expectations - we can facilitate your road to recovery, let us help plan and prepare you for that journey and lifestyle change

Arranging Your Treatment (Outpatient Services)

In the majority of cases, you will need to see your GP and explain that you wish to be treated privately. Your doctor will then refer you to a consultant who practices here at the Waterside Suite.

The next step will be for you, or in some cases, your GP, to arrange your first outpatient appointment.

Once this appointment has been made, patients with private medical insurance are advised to contact their insurers with the details to obtain authorisation for the consultation.

Self-pay patients are advised to enquire as to the cost of the consultation and of any subsequent treatment at this point. We are able to offer fixed price packages for many procedures, which will allay concerns about unexpected bills arising in the future.

Please note also, that some services at Waterside, such as health checks, do not require a GP referral, so do please ring us to check if you are unsure on 01934 427900.

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